Need a social refresh? Want to brush up on your Instagram skills? Looking to get your employees on board with the social strategy? A small group workshop or seminar is the perfect way to stay up to date on SOCIAL TRENDS, learn what TOOLS and STRATEGIES are right for your business and include your staff in CURATING YOUR ONLINE BRAND. Workshops can be hands-on or seminar style and can be customized to fit you and your business' needs.


What is social media and why do you need it? We've got you. Learn how to start utilizing social media for your business. We'll set you up with the right tools, resources, knowledge and skills to launch social media marketing.

Key topics: Content creation, basic photography + editing apps, hashtags, basic strategy,  industry standards and best practices.


For both business owners and employees, make sure your online brand presence is consistent and aligned across the board. How can you build more brand awareness, attract more customers/clients and make the most out of your marketing budget on social.

Key topics: Social strategy specific to your business and industry, content creation, content creation including photography, Facebook & Instagram ads, current trends and industry standards.


Content is king, we all know that, but how do you create solid, quality, engaging content while running a business? We'll cover the best type of content for your business and brand, how to create engaging, quality content and the best tools, tips and tricks for social media photography.

Key topics: Content creation, photography for Instagram, the best apps, hardware and software to use, how to edit photos, content creating and scheduling strategies.


Take your social media to the next level!

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