Create an impact with influencer marketing the right way.

Influencer marketing is the new tactic for getting your brand noticed online. There is a lot of confusion, bad practices and overall lack of information on how to properly engage influencers when it comes to marketing your business or service. In this course, you will understand influencer marketing in terms of:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What are you offering?
  • Who best aligns with your brand?
  • How will you connect with them?
  • How will you stand out?
  • Top tips to keep in mind

What you’ll get by signing up for this course:

  • Answers to the questions above.
  • 1 hour online course
  • Campaign builder PDf worksheet + Email pitch template
  • Free 30-minute consultation call with me after you’re done the course

Campaign Strategy

  • Learning how to align your campaign with influencers
  • How to come up with a full strategy with influencers
  • Included: Campaign outline worksheet

Value Proposition

  • What are you offering vs what are you asking?
  • What is the influencer’s value?
  • Why should they talk about you?
  • How to showcase your brand without undervaluing the influencer’s work

Finding Influencers

  • The type of influencer’s customer’s trust
  • How to choose the number of influencers for a campaign
  • How to determine if the influencer is the right fit before talking to them
  • Why numbers aren’t everything

Pitching Influencers

  • DM vs email communication
  • Email pitch template
  • Best practices for reaching out to influencers

How to Stand Out with a Full Brand Experience

  • Paid vs unpaid campaigns
  • How to make your brand stand out with no budget
  • How to put together a full brand experience for influencers

Best Practices

  • How to be flexible
  • Why creating relationships with influencers is so important
  • How to make the campaign easy for you and the influencer
  • Why feedback is important