How entrepreneurship challenges, grows and evolves a relationship.


“Make sure you’re very transparent with each other. If you’re working as a unit, you’ll rise as a unit and fall as a unit but as long as your communicating you’ll be on that same level.”

Christine and Les come together on this episode to talk about the dynamics of being in a relationship with one partner as an entrepreneur and the other with a traditional job. Christine is the founder of Enlightened Benefits and Lifelet as well as a spin instructor, Les is a financial controller, small business owner and a boxing instructor. They are both very busy and motivated which we discuss in the podcast on how they schedule their time and make sure they spend enough quality time together. They both describe the transition and experience of Christine starting two businesses within a nine month period, what tensions it created in the relationship and how they have worked through them. They discuss the importance of communication, not only just with business and finances but with energy levels, expectations and values.

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