25 Instagram Content Ideas for September

Planning out your September content calendar? If you’re not, you should be! Click here for your free content calendar template to make it easy. 

It can feel overwhelming to sit down and plan a whole month of content, let alone a few days. That’s why I’ve put together this list to give you some ideas and inspiration for your September content planning. 

  1. Long weekend vibes (Sept 2 is Labor Day). What are you doing this long week? Travelling? Backyard BBQ? Just relaxing? If you’re a small business let your audience know if you have different hours this weekend + Monday.
  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte szn. The official date hasn’t been announced but you know it’s coming soon. Take a photo with a starbucks cup to get ready for the official launch date. You don’t need to be wearing Uggs to celebrate the PSL release. 
  3. The beginning of a new month. New goals, how are you going to finish the year?
  4. Back to school – if you’re a parent, you’re taking your kids back, you’re back in a routine. How do you manage your time? Photo of your kids walking into school, down the sidewalk or with the school bus in the background.
  5. Your Sunday morning – could be a flatlay
  6.  A list of your city’s best happy hour spots – a photo of you sipping on a cocktail
  7.  Your kids/your favourite recipe
  8.  Stay grateful – what are you grateful for? Photo of you with your partner, friends, pets, kids or one of your favourite nature spots.
  9. Your favourite apps – how do they help you manage your life/business/Instagram? A photo of you holding your phone.
  10. What’s the best business tip you’ve been given? Photo of your office, flatlay of your workspace.
  11.  How are you enjoying the last couple weeks of summer? Outdoors photo.
  12.  #SmileCookie for Tim Horton’s is back September 16-22. plan it in your calendar to snap a Smile Cookie photo.
  13.  Inspire your audience to get moving – show them your favourite yoga pose, you running outside, or a quick video of your at-home workout.
  14.  Mirror selfie of your #OOTD – where are you going, what are you doing this weekend?
  15. September 21 = International World Peace Day. Hold up your peace sign ✌️
  16. September 23 = First Day of Fall. Get those leaves, throw em up.
  17. If you’re into astrology, the sun enters Libra on September 23. Are you a Libra? Do you have friends? What can we expect to happen this month? (Google will let you look like an astrology genius).
  18.  What are your favourite Fall activities?
  19.  Share a project or goal you are working on – photo of you in your element, at your desk, in the studio, etc.
  20.  Quote – what is inspiring you today? Photo of you.
  21.  Getting your house/business ready for Fall – how are you getting organized for the weather change?
  22.  Overview shot of you holding a coffee with your shoes and floor in the background. How do you finish your to-do list?
  23.  What is your morning routine?
  24.  Throwback to a traveling photo – what’s on your travel bucket list?
  25.  September 29 = National Coffee Day. No explanation needed. 



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