18 Content Ideas for April

It’s been a whirlwind of a month and every content calendar you had or photoshoot idea that was booked is now all canceled. This is a great time to test your creativity brain out and see what you can come up in and around your house. We put together a bunch of great ideas to get you going, if you do any of them, tag us on Instagram @poolsidedigital, we would love to see how it turns out!

  1. Book recommendations – get your stack together, create a mini reading club with your friends and share your thoughts  
  2. Best spring organization of your closet – are you organizing by color? By style? Key pieces you will be looking for when the stores open back up?
  3. Part two: donation ideas – get rid of the stuff you don’t want! Donate to your friends, or local store → you might have to hold onto these for a while, as most places aren’t taking donations 
  4. Home workout station – keep yourself accountable. Tag the person who created your favorite home workout  
  5. Home coffee set-up – shout out to your local coffee bean supplier! What kind of equipment do you have? Aeropress? Espresso machine? Drip?
  6. A new activity you have always wanted to do – finally start to cook or bake, get out that recipe book that is gathering dust 
  7. A new activity you never thought you would do – hand crochet with bulk yarn? 
  8. Dog selfies – yes, people do want to see your dog (just not every single day)
  9. New apps you downloaded recently to help with productivity, workouts, organization while at home – what’s your top tip to keep organized 
  10. Top tip for self-isolation with your partner 
  11. Cozy spot for that netflix & chill – get your favorite movies and show recommendations out there!
  12. Get an artsy shot when the sun is coming in through the blinds – harder than it looks to re-create!
  13. Self-care evening – flat lay with your favorite brands of facemask, face wash cream
  14. A photo of how you are getting sunlight in your life once a day! Necessary while we are keeping ourselves indoors 
  15. Allow yourself only one throwback photo of your traveling – we’re all stuck in this time together, and it really isn’t the worst thing to have to give up to keep each other safe 
  16. Shout out to a health care worker that you know! Give them the credit they deserve right now! 
  17. What you are missing most since starting social distancing and what are you looking forward to when we can go back to hanging out with each other. 
  18. Flat lay of local products you have at home – shout out to local Calgary businesses!

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